Wednesday, June 22, 2011


One way to cut the cost of capitol punishment, (that really isn't).

Within 6 months of arrest, the defendant would be tried, by a jury (12) of his peers.

If found guilty, an automatic retrial, again with a jury of 12, and within a 6 month time-frame.

If found guilty AGAIN, this is what would follow.

At this point, a so-called, JURY OF DETERMINATION, would be seated.
This jury would consist of 99 people, (this way there could be NO ties) , randomly selected for duty from regular jury rolls.
After reviewing trial video and transcripts, the jury would vote. With a vote for guilt higher than 85%, the defendant would then be formally sentenced to death.
With any lower percentage, sentencing would be reduced to LWOP or LWPP or whatever the judge in the case determines is appropriate.

With a finding of guilt, 85% or higher.
At this point, 1 year (365 days), would be allowed for the defense to come up with any and all REASONABLE appeals.

Barring acceptance of any appeals, on day number  380, 15 days after appeal period expires, the defendant would be put to death.

Although it sounds expensive , this method would cost much less than the currant  system, as we would not be supporting these criminals for 30 or 40 years.

Also, families of victims would be able to know that the criminal that destroyed their lives, would pay the price for his crimes, within a time period of less than 3 years, from capture to execution.